U.S. News Magazine ranking 2008

The U.S. news magazine published its new 2008 list of best universities. The U.S. news magazine only looks at American institutes. It uses a large set of factors for measurement. Private colleges as well as public universities are listed. The top 10 list is quite different from the 2007 U.S. News magazine ranking, with the university of Pennsylvania as the strongest riser on a surprising shared 5th place with the California institute of technology. The top 3, with Princeton, Harvard and Yale, stays unchanged.

What they look at:
| Peer assessment | Student retention rates | Faculty resources | Sizes of classes | Acceptance rate | Alumni givings | SAT/ACT | Percentage of full-time faculty | Faculty : Student ratio |

What they came up with:
With this complex measurement system, a top 124 American colleges was compiled. The top ten came out like this

1. Princeton (NJ)
2. Harvard (MA)
3. Yale (CT)
4. Stanford
5. Pennsylvania
5. California institute of technology
7. M.I.T.
8. Duke (NC)
9. Columbia (NY)
10. University of Chicago

Visit the website of the US news ranking here. Information about the methodology can be accessed here as well.

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