Pakistan General University Ranking HEC

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan issued a ranking of its universities in Pakistan. The ranking is divided in the different types of universities, such as Agricultural, Art, Business & I.T., Engineering and Health. The last category, General, is the one we will look at today, but the other rankings of the Pakistan universities by the Higher Education Commission can be found through the same link below.

More information on Universities in Pakistan can be found on the website of Pakistan University

The ranking methodology consist of 5 main fields, subdivided into 40 factors. Here, the main fields are listed

What they look at:
Research papers and patents Student selectivity and production Facilities Financial situation of the institute Faculty level and ratios

What they came up with:
For the ranking of general universities in Pakistan, a top 24 has been created, of which the top is as follows:
1. Quad-i-Azam, Islamabad
2. Punjab, Lahore
3. Karachi
4. Peshawar
5. Bahouddin Zakariya, Multan
5. Government College Lahore
7. Isra, Hyderabad
8. International Islamic, Islamabad
9. Sindh, Jamshoro
10. Hamdard, Karachi

The full ranking, as well as a methodology description, can be found on the website of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

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