Nigerian University Rankings & Webrankings

On the unavailability of Nigerian University Rankings, and the usefulness of Web Rankings.

Becaue our previous post on the Nigerian University Ranking seems to be quite popular, we at TheBestUniversity have decided to give some more information on Nigerian Universities.

Unfortunately, finding rankings on universities in Nigeria seems te be highly difficult. In our last post, published in 2009, the Nigerian National University Commission was still providing us with a ranking list. Please see this previous article for the Nigerian University Ranking. In 2012, however, the Nigerian National University Commission (NNUC) does not provide us with such a ranking anymore. The NNUC website can still be quite useful for finding information on universities, as they offer a list of 37 universities within Nigeria.
Interestingly, many universities have been founded fairly revcently, ten of them even in the last two years. Nigeria's oldest university is the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, founded in 1960.

Nigerian Web Ranking
But if one searches the web, some rankings do include Nigerian universities. Do not be fooled, however. Because these rankings are web rankings, wich do not look at the usual factors such as teaching quality and publications. No, these rankings only take the web-pressence into account, measuring the popularity of the university's website. Notwithstanding that having a proper website is some indicator of the level of professionalism of an institution, pretending that such a ranking is a good indicator of teaching quality is egregious.

The conclusion thus is that currently, no adequate university rankings are available for Nigeria. If this chances in the future, we will be happy to share this with you.

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