Chinese University Ranking 2012

China is big. And of the 1.3 billion people, at this very moment around 80 million are in secondairy and tertiary educational institutions. China also has an impressive 1,552 institutions of higher learning (colleges and universities). But which ones are the best? TheBestUniversity researched this for you.

For this, we took a look at the top 100 list, compiled by, a newsoutlet also called China Internet Information Center, authorized by the Chinese government. This organization has been compiling Chinese University Rankings since 1993. This year a number of 706 Chinese Universities were assessed. All universities were ranked on a number of factors not published by, resulting in a number of points an a ranking.

What did they look at
Currently, the ranking factors are not readily available on the webiste.

What did they come up with
1 Zhejiang University
2 Peking University
3 Tsinghua University
4 Shanghai Jiao Tong University
5 Fudan University
6 Nanjing University
7 Wuhan University
8 Sun Yat-sen University
9 Sichuan University
10 Harbin Institute of Technology

The total list of Chinese Universities as ranked according to the China Internet Information Center can be found here.

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