South Africa University Ranking

University rankings concentrating on South African universities and colleges are hard to come by. South Africa seems to be a country with a low University ranking coverage. In this topic we want to lend a helping hand to people who want to know what is the best university in South Africa. We start of with some Africa wide rankings. Although the majority of the highest ranking colleges is located in South Africa, Also Egypt is represented. The top five that is shown below is the African part of a top 500 world ranking, done by the Chinese Institute for higher education in Shanghai (SJTU).
To enrich this information, we also show the top 10 of the web-based ranking for South-Africa, done by the Spanish bases Cybermetrics Lab. This ranking uses statistics such as web popularity to create a listing of institutions
And to look a bit more detailed in the MBA offering in South Africa, a top 10 for highest ranking MBA's in South Africa is shown as well.

African Institutions - SJTU
| Quality of Education (10%)| Quality of Faculty (40%)| Research Output (40%) | Size of Institution (10%) |
Top 5:
1. Univ Cape Town Africas - South Africa
2. Univ Witwatersrand - South Africa
3. Cairo University - Egypt
4. Univ KwaZulu-Natal - South Africa
5. Univ Pretoria - South Africa
Academic Ranking of Worl Universities - 2007

Web based ranking South Africa

| Web size (20%) | Rich files (15%) | Google Scholar (15) | Link visibility (50%) |
Top 10:

1. University of Cape Town
2. Stellenbosch University
3. Rhodes University
4. University of Pretoria
5. University of the Witwatersrand
6. University of the Western Cape
7. University of Kwazulu Natal
8. University of South Africa
9. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas
- 2008

South African MBA ranking

| Salary | Achievement of aims | Programme weighting | Stakeholder opinions | Faculty | Students | Programme | Research |
Top 10:

1. Wits Business School
2. Stellenbosch
3. Cape town MBA
4. Gordon Institute of Business Science
5. Pretoria Business School
6. Unisa MBA
7. Henley School of Business
8. Milpark
9. Free State
10. Pochetstroom
S.A Financial Mail -2005

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