Newsweek International University Ranking

Newsweek has ranked the top notch International Institutions worldwide for 2011. They compiled a list with the top 25 high ranking universities outside of the U.S.A. How very refreshing to have a worlds best university list without Harvard at place 1!

With the U.S. institutions removed from Newsweek's ranking, we see the U.K take in pole position, with the top 10 sporting three British Universities. Japan and Canada both have two institutions in the ranking by Newsweek. Germany, Switserland and Australia are also represented in the top 10.

This time, Newsweek did not do the ranking themselves, but combined existing rankings from Times Higher Education, Webometrics and Shanghai Ranking Consultancy to create their Newsweek ranking. Newsweek used a couple of factors to decide which international university is the best, which they took from their source rankings. Crucially, they did not measure these factors themselves, although of course Newsweek did decide how to weigh each factor.

What did they look at
| Quality of Teachers | Research output | Academic citations | income from Research | Webometrics ranking | Citations | Publications in Nature and Science |

What did they come up with

1. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
2. University of Oxford, United Kingdom
3. University of Toronto, Canada
4. University of Tokyo, Japan
5. University College London, United Kingdom
6. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology—ETH Zurich, Switzerland
7. Kyoto University, Japan
8. University of British Columbia, Canada
9. University of Munich, Germany
10. University of Melbourne, Australia

The complete list by Newsweek with the top 25 best International Universities can be found here.

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