Best Business Schools according to Newsweek

The American magazine "U.S. News and World Report" published a new set of lists of the best Graduate Schools in the United States. The magazine does not give away the details of its university rankings for free, they actually sell a package with a lot of details for 15$. They do, however, offer a peek at their top list. They have divided their University Ranking into different categories. I will start today with the Business Schools. For this Business University Ranking, 425 schools were contacted, of which only 127 gave a useful reply. This is enough to fill out the top universities.

What they look at
Expert opinions about the quality (40%) | Starting salaries of graduates and Job finding time (35%) | Student selectivity (25%) |

What they came up with:
Using this method, they designed a list of over 400 business schools. The top ten is gievn here:
1 Harvard
2 Stanford
3 Pennsylvania
4 M.I.T.
5 Northwestern Kellogg
6 Chicago
7 Dartmouth College, Tuck
8 Berkeley, Haas
9 Colombia
10 New York Stern

This list, and the option to pay for more details, can be found here

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