The Best University

University rankings. There are so many of them, and they look at such different factors, that it is hard to say which of them is the best on this planet.

Is it Harvard? Is it Oxford? is it Stanford? Or is it some Ivey League place? Well, I don’t know either, but at least with The Best University website you can find the different rankings, and look at the ranking that measures the things that are important for you.

These University rankings can help you if you are finished with high school and you are looking for a good place to go to, but also if you want to do a graduate study or your PhD at a renowned university.

I hope you find this Best University collection useful, and I wish you good luck in your quest.

The rankings listed here are for universities in general, not for specific fields of science. Furthermore, some rankings are international, others are national. The explanation about each ranking system says if it is international or national

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The Best University aims at bringing you the latest University Rankings and College rankings from all over the world, so you know which university is the best in your country or specialization. The ranking top 10's displayed on this website are taken from web sources, and we always link to the original source. Although we strive to only provide accurate information, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content. Always consult multiple sources before deciding which university is the right one for you.